The Event You Envisioned All Starts with Meridian

The Balance and Beauty of a Meridian Experience

Stages Of Event Planning

Pre Planning Questions Stage 1:

(Based on the answers to these questions we can determine the scope of your Audio and Video needs.)

What is the reason for putting on this event?

How many persons will moderate or present?

Will you have a power point presentation?

Will you be playing any videos?

Do those videos have audio?

Do you want to record any audio or video of the event?

Pre Planning Stage 2:

(Your answers to these questions will help determine what type of equipment will meet your AV needs and your budget.)

How many attendees?
What is the layout of the space?

What is the seating like for your guests?

Will you have a stage?
Will you have a podium?
Will there be a panel discussion?

Will you have a live band or performer?

Does the band or performer need audio, video and or lights for their performance?

Pre Planning Stage 3:

(Now with the answers to these next set of questions we can create a customized quote based on your requirements and our suggestions to ensure an enjoyable, smooth and seamless event.)

Do you have a budget?
What is the name of the event?

What is the location of your event?

What is the date or dates of the event?

What is the start and end time of your event?

Will you need onsite technicians to run the show?

Pre Planning Stages 4-11:

We receive feed back from you after review of the itemized quote. And we discuss what areas you may want to expand or what areas you may want to cut.

After acceptance and receiving a signed quote back from you we ask for a deposit to be made and your event date and or dates are secured.

We check back in before the event date for any last minute changes that you may need to make.

We test, prep and load all of the equipment and cabling required for your event.

We show up at the event location and meet with you and or a venue employee and talk/walk through the setup to make sure we know exactly where to setup our equipment, where to store empty cases. And where we can park our trucks.

We ensure the event is as smooth and seamless as it can be to ensure a great experience for everyone.

We pack up and hand over any pre determined recorded materials to you or your staff.

The remaining balance is paid and we look forward to helping you and providing services in the future.

Business Conferences & Summits

From sales conferences to product launches, from yearly summits to special corporate events, we’re ready and able to execute any company conference you dream up.  We’ll cater our service to your specific vision and needs, resulting in a creative and cohesive event.

Corporate Events

Be it an understated company luncheon or an elaborate private event, we can provide you with all the equipment and expertise you’ll need to make it a success.  We’ll work with you to capture your vision every step of the way.

Special Speakers & Award Shows

Exceptional events call for exceptional equipment.  Whether you’re looking for simple audiovisual equipment fit for a smaller stage or a booming sound system that’ll wow a large audience, we’ve got exactly what you need to make your event unforgettable.

Trade Shows

High-traffic trade shows and exhibitions are great opportunities to awe your audience with amazing digital design.  We’ll help you design the perfect display, and we’ll provide all the equipment you need to execute your plan flawlessly.